Score Notes
6! Tactical ride win
4! Tactical ride second
3 Win
3^ Win in Man-on-man (KOC)
2.5 Tied for First
2! Tactical ride third - beat an opponent
2 Second
1.5 Tied for second
1 Third
1! Tactical ride third - failed to beat an opponent
0.5 Tied for third
- Result removed
FN Fell, non-starter in the re-run
M 2 minute exclusion
T Tapes exclusion
N reserve used
R Retired
F Fell
FX Fell Disqualified
X Disqualified
XD Dangerous/foul riding
Tx Tapes exclusion - not replaced
R! Retired on tactical ride
NS Non-starter
Mx 2 minute exclusion - not replaced
F! Fell on tactical ride
X! Tactical ride fell disqualified
FX! Fell excluded on a tactical ride
0^ Lost in man-on-man(KOC)
T! Tapes exclusion on TR
0! Tactical ride fourth
0 Fourth/last
3X Win in man-on-man (KOC)